Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes, I am working, and it makes me happy

New fabrics

Purple princess

Red sweety


Zondra Art said...

Mislim da ćeš nas opet ugodno iznenaditi sa svojim lutkicama dobrog srca.Bit će tu lijepih stvari, sigurna sam:)
Ugodan vikend i pusa od mene.

Verba said...

Hello Marijana. I liked your dolls! Very much it was pleasant as you sew clothes. For me it is always complex. And at you so beautifully it turns out!
Pozdrav Marijana. Volio sam svoj lutka! Volio sam kako ste shesh odjeću. Za mene to je uvijek teško. A vi dobiti tako lijepa!

mydolly said...

Hi Verba, thanks for your comment. I really think your dolls are really nice. Well, I guess we are all similar - we always think that somebody do things better then we are able to do them. But we're all different - and that's the beauty of life.